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Back when I was a child ,
My mind was so mild and my behaviour very wild,
Back when was I was a child, I thought the lord was not on my side,
That he was on the side of the ones who drove a cool ride,
And those who were beautifully dressed and did not look stressed,

Back when I was a child,
I always felt out of place,
Simply cause I could not speak proper English,
Or at least, the words could not come out of my mouth,
I was insecure,
Back when I was a child, my soul was not pure,
I dealt dirty , damned the consequences,
I lived a life of pretence and lied every chance I got,
I almost forgot , where I came from,
Who I truly was , my true home,
Lord knows,
I lied to both friends and foes,
For a moment there in my life,
I was ashamed of my struggles and strife,
I wasn’t content with what I had,
And it was very hard,
To accept, the sad reality,
That I was better than I thought I was,
That I had a purpose in life and it was for a good cause.

Back when I was a child,
My sense of discipline was very mild,
I and consistency were like night and day,
I would lie in bed and say,
I wish I had this, I wish I had that,
I wish I was thin and not fat,
But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Back when I was a child, I was afraid to win,
The great ideas in my mind, I failed to begin,
I thought I wasn’t lucky enough,
And I didn’t deserve some of life’s good stuff,
I was afraid to speak up and be heard,
I was content with running the race and finishing in third.

Back when I was a child,
I wanted to rush myself way ahead of life,
I played with fire and danced with the knife,
Regardless of the mere fact that I was a teenage boy,
I encouraged myself that I was mature in mind, and my age was a decoy,
I didn’t take life day by day,
That is simply to say,
I was scared of the future, thought about the past, and missed out on today,
I know, its not plausible,
That, that would even be possible,

But life is a mystery, some days we smile others we cry,
And as I look back, I can only smile and take a sigh,
Hmmmm, that was back then,
When I was only a child.