“No matter how hard your past was, your future is always bright.” This statement couldn’t have been more becoming, especially during these times of dire uncertainty. It’s a wonder how the good things in life, such as opportunity, don’t present themselves directly but in unexpected ways. Take the above statement for example. I was randomly shopping for milk, in a random supermarket on a random day, when I stumbled upon the clothing section. For some weird reason it was right at the entrance ,which is quite odd for a supermarket. But that aside, I decided to check out the clothes without any intention of buying. Peeking at the price tags fully imploded the reality that I may never come back to buy them, but just as I was turning away, a t-shirt at the end of the line caught my attention. Written in colorful letters was the statement, ” No matter how hard your past was, your future is always bright.”    

Almost everyone I know has had it rough in the past before. Be it a toxic relationship which led to a bad breakup, to failing at something they had given their all, to losing a loved one or having a bout of intense pain and illness. And for most, I included, it has put us down, with an invisible dark cloud hovering above our heads wherever we went. For some, it led to days and weeks of depression, others became angry at themselves and everyone around them. Others, locking themselves in their rooms with no link with the outside world, became their norm. All of this, in a frantic bid to cope, to escape until life decided to give us a break. When it seemed like no one was for us and everyone was against us, and our inner voices screamed for help but it was like no one could hear us. The light at the end of the tunnel had faded away, all we had left was the little image of it in our minds, whenever we closed our eyes. 

But if you are reading this today, it means you came through to the other side, stronger than before with lessons you picked along the way. If you are reading this now, it means you didn’t give up, you didn’t lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. You pulled through and now you are a testament to those who are at a dark place right now. You are proof that no matter how tough the going gets, there’s always hope for a better tomorrow. Life is a never-ending cycle of ups and downs. There are days we fight and lose, others we win and others are filled with anxiety of the vast unknown, regardless, we take life day by day. For the one reading this and you are at your lowest point, or you are still lifting yourself up or you have come through to the other side, always remember, no matter how hard things are or were, the future is always bright!

Hey there, let me take these last lines to re-introduce myself. I am Magati, I started this blog a few years ago but along the way, I went through a rough patch and it put me down. I ended up leaving most things behind, including this blog. What I have learned along the way is that eventually, things get better and we pull through. Thank you for reading this far and my message to you is that no matter how hard things get, your future is always bright. Don’t give up, keep on fighting.

Here’s to New Beginnings!!

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