35,34,33,32,31,30, I assist the traffic light count down as if to say go a little faster, I don’t want to see you, I want green, ‘we all want green’, I think to myself as I look at the car next to mine, it’s being driven by an agitated old man who has seen more in life and sees no essence in waiting for the red light to turn green. I had just driven onto university way and was rushing to exit with the bunch of vehicles that had been released only to end up on the first row ,I with four vehicles both to my right and to my left, each in their respective lanes. It’s like we are about to start a race as we all are clutching to the steering wheel eager for the ‘GO!’ signal. 5,4,3,2,1,….GREEN! The color that I and 200 more cars behind me have been waiting for, the sign that will liberate our engines from immobility. For a second their my mind screams ‘FREEDOM’, but oddly, I  cannot move an inch! Not because I do not have fuel or the lights are not green, but because the ‘Man in blue’ is standing right in front of me and has firmly pointed out that if I dare cross that white line, I will be in trouble. It would mean that I have broken his direct order and not the law! The irony. According to the traffic rules that I am conversant with, RED means Stop and green means GO, it’s plain and simple! You do not need a PHD to know  that but in this case, those laws do not apply. PIIIIIIIIII! I am brought back to the now by a honk from a pissed off driver a few rows back. It’s daunting , the light has sequentially become green a couple of times, yet we have not been released. It seems like it is pure biasness playing out here as the vehicles from uhuru highway are being given the lee way to go. A lot of vehicles while we from university way technically have no right. Like we clearly have nothing to do with our lives now you can involuntarily make us park our vehicles on the Highway! It is getting hotter inside the car as the evening sun beats against my face. My hands are sweating and I am growing real impatient with this man and his fellow counterparts manning the different corners of the roundabout. I feel  like joining the silent but loud coup rising from the back with frequent sounds of horns from drivers going through the same thing but a silent voice inside my head whispers ‘ respect yourself!’ It finally gets to our turn and I speed off into second exit heading towards State House Road a disappointed citizen. As I take a peep at my rear view mirror, I can’t help but feel remorse for the brothers and sisters who were hooting a few rows back for freedom yet they never got to taste it, well not until another 20 minutes of mental torture. As I drive onto Dennis Pritt, I can’t help but think of such struggles motorists go through every single day as they go for week and as they leave. Is it that we can’t be civilized and follow the traffic lights or we are not been given the chance to? I believe it would be much easier if we used the traffic lights since everyone will get an equal amount of time to enter and exit the roundabout and go about their businesses. Life would move on just fine and  the traffic police force would save themselves a large amount of time and energy and put it into good use. And if they fear lawbreakers will increase, they can set up traffic cameras and monitor them 24\7. Work would be made easier for all of us. Or isn’t that why the Traffic lights were put up in the first place?


 Yours Truly,

The concerned mwananchi.

By: Magati.concerned person 2



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